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The Avengers
Warner Home Video
1.85:1/Pan and Scan/Dolby Digital/16x9 Enhanced

In what is definitely the worst film of 1998, Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman take on the roles of John Steed and Emma Peel; "The Avengers", based on the popular television series. A disaster upon release, this 90 minute major multi-million dollar film was given the respect it deserved at the box office, which was, of course, none at all as it was gone from theaters in a matter of minutes. There's not much to the film, or at least not that much that makes sense, at least, as 40 minutes or so of the film was cut before it's release, and what remains is a mess.

Sean Connery and Uma Thurman as Steed and Peel set out to stop Sir August De Winter(Sean Connery, in a really weak performance), a madman who's set out to control the world's weather. Thurman and Fiennes spend the film smirking at each other like idiots and acting very amused and smug. The dialogue is only one part of the embarassing whole, as it almost seems built completely with one liners.

As much as I can say in this short review of the film, it simply can't describe how frightening the actual film is to watch. Bad acting, bad directing, bad dialogue. There isn't one really positive thing about this film, to tell the truth. Even cut all the way down to a mere 89 minutes, it still is quite painful to have to sit through. In terms of this DVD, I'm sure the only people who will be interested it in any way are people such as myself who simply want to provide a review and a warning to others to spend their money somewhere else. It's too bad that so much money went into such a creative failure. The only thing impressive about this film is how much of a failure it is.

The Disc:
Picture: Warner has again done an excellent job, unfortunately on an outstandingly bad film. Picture quality is about equal to the film when I had the unpleasant experience of having to have to view it in the theater. Detail is crisp, even though the movie is a little soft on focus. Colors are well saturated and brillant; contrast is good as well. There are a few little instances of some compression artifacts and shimmering, but nothing terribly noticable. Picture is 16x9 enhanced and definitely a high quality presentation.

Audio:Good. Score, dialogue and explosions all sound crisp,clear and have impact, but what sounds especially good is the mechanical flying insect chase that starts off chapter 15, and the windstorm when Steed is in the telephone booth towards the begining of the film.

Menus: Nicely done and animated, but a very annoying sound sample that plays behind the main menu will have you running for the remote control.

Extras: The trailer for "The Avengers", "Batman and Robin","US Marshalls", "Dangerous Liasons", "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation", and "The Man Who Would Be King". Also, text notes on the production, the cast and the original TV series.

Overall: The disc is very well done, but I wouldn't even rent it if I didn't want to review it, the movie is just too poor.

Running Time:89min
Audio:English/French 5.1
The Film:F
Overall Disc Grade:D-(nicely done disc, but the film isn't worth either renting or buying.

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