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Billy Madison
1.85:1/16x9/DD 5.1/2.0
Universal Home Video

Definitely an interesting piece of history, taking a look back at Adam Sandler's first film; it's far better and funnier than "The Waterboy"; spoiled rich kid Billy Madison, to get control of his father's hotel business, goes back through grades 1-12 trying to pass them all in 2 weeks each while being sabotaged along the way by his competition. There's no major plot worth going over here; it's interesting through to see that Sandler has almost started a genre of his own, "New Idiot Cinema", where the sole purpose is being as childish as possible. It's funny, sure, in the way that "South Park" is funny. Sandler pulls off this bit very well as always, and if you're in that mindset, "Billy Madison" is quite a funny dose of infantile humor.

The Disc:
Video: The 16x9 enhanced picture is excellent, delivering vibrant and accurate colors. The picture is crisp, bright and well defined.

Audio: Crisp and clear, although it isn't a soundtrack that will do too terribly much in any home theater; the film is mainly dialogue and some nifty songs.


Menus:Nice, but nothing special.

Running Time:90 Minutes


Overall Grade:B

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