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Republic Pictures/Gramercy
1.85:1/Dolby Digital/Commentary

Ah, to comment on one of my favorite films. "Bound" is a wild, wild film; one of those films that leaves you on the edge of your seat throughout: it's sexy, funny, violent and thrilling more than anything I've seen in cinema since. If there's any one word to describe the film, it's "intense". The story of two girls(Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon) who band together to overtake two million dollars from the mafia is an outstanding example of what noir should be, instead of all the other films in this post- "Pulp Fiction" world. It's really incredible how the Wachowski Brothers directed a film this stylish, this thrilling and exciting and it only takes place, for the most part, in two rooms. It's incredible how visceral and visual combine in this film, with it's inventive and agressive cinematography and the way it makes sounds almost another character in the film as every noise is emphasized to a wonderful, scary effect.

The performances are also wonderful. Joe Pantoliano was robbed of at least an Oscar nomination for his powerhouse performance as Ceasar, a member of the local mafia. Jennifer Tilly is actually really not annoying here. Gina Gershon is really great; she is the female version of Clint Eastwood- she just has that great cold glare down really well.

The film is intense, though, and some audiences may not enjoy it's violence. As small a film as it is, it's an agressive, wild one and it's probably not for everyone. Those who enjoyed films like "Pulp Fiction" though, will get a kick out of this film, with it's wild planning between and against the characters as well as it's hypnotic visuals and performances. It's pure cinema and those who enjoy this kind of film will absolutely love it. It's an electric, wild film and I recommend it.

Onto the DVD:
Picture: It's really good, it's actually a little bit better than the laserdisc version(which I also have, that's how much I like this film). Colors are vibrant and definited and contrast is perfect. Images are sharp and well defined throughout.

Sound: As wild as the film. In a film that makes sound as much a part of the experience as the visuals, it's an exciting mix of effects and sound. I also love the score, which the well-done sound on this DVD emphasizes really well.

Extras: A well-recorded and engaging/fun commentary by the Wachowski brothers as well as members of the cast and crew(Gershon, Tilly and Pantoliano.) Strangely, there aren't as many chapters on the DVD(33) as there are on the laserdisc(45). I don't know if that matters to anyone, but that was just sorta funky. The outstanding trailer is also included, which wasn't on the laserdisc(although the laserdisc jacket says it's in there). This, in my opinion, is one of the great trailers of recent time, and it's only a few years old. Those putting together trailers today should take a good solid look at this one.

Problems:There are only 9 chapters to choose from in the "scene selection". Not much of an interesting main menu.


Overall Grade:A-

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