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The Movie:

Matthew Perry has built up a strong career, doing well on "Friends". So far "Fools Rush In" has been the only other attempt at film success he's tried. "Three To Tango" doesn't try to attempt anything higher than "sitcom-light" laughs, and even at that point, it doesn't manage to succeed at drawing much comedy.

Perry plays an architect who, with the help of partner Oliver Platt, wins the contract of an extremely rich businessman(Dylan McDermott). When introduced to the businessman's girlfriend Amy(Neve Campbell), he instantly falls in love - the only problem is that, due to a few little misunderstandings, everyone thinks he's gay.

Perry is funny in the lead role, and Campbell shows a previously unseen talent for comedy. Platt plays nothing more than his usual supporting role, and totally uninteresting is McDermott. To be fair, I did laugh a few times, but there's quite a bit of empty space in-between the laughs. It keeps to the usual romantic comedy formula with few exceptions.

At the end, "Three To Tango" ends up as one of those films that isn't awful, but certainly isn't great. If anything, I was most suprised by the performance of Campbell, who is wonderfully sweet and funny in the role - I thought she was the best thing about the film. If you're a fan of the actors involved, you might want to check it out, but otherwise, it's maybe a "rental".


VIDEO: "Three To Tango" is presented in an excellent 1.85:1 transfer from Warner Brothers. Cinematography by Walt Lloyd("Howard Stern's Private Parts", "Feeling Minnesota") captures the Chicago scenery and Toronto locations perfectly. Images remain razor sharp and clear, bringing out every detail of the city streets. Colors are also quite pleasing, looking bright and very natural throughout. Black level is solid and flesh tones are accurate and natural.

The print used is in perfect condition, and there's no shimmering or pixelation to distract from the movie. It's a fine, fine looking image that again, has some great shots of downtown Chicago that look marvelous on this effort from Warner. On the flip side, there's also a full-frame transfer.

SOUND: "Three To Tango" has a great, jazzy score that sounds wonderful on this DVD edition. It's definitely the highlight of the audio, coming from all around and enveloping the viewer, sounding impressively clear and natural. Dialogue is easily understood and clean sounding, as well. For a film from this genre, it's certainly better than average in terms of audio.

MENUS:: Pretty basic film-themed menu design, with the score playing in the background.

EXTRAS: Warner Brothers varies things sometimes, and they don't always put together much of a package for the titles that don't do well at the box office(like this one). And, with this film, all they've included is a trailer.

Final Thoughts: The film is worth checking out if you're looking for a light romantic comedy. Warner's DVD is very solid in the quality department, with fine audio and video, but it doesn't offer much more than that.

Film Grade
The Film C
DVD Grades
Video 94/A = (376/400 possible points)
Audio: 88/B = (352/400 possible points)
Extras: 70/C- = (210/300 possible points)
Menus: 75/C = (150/200 possible points)
Value: 82/B = (246/300 possible points)
TOTAL: 1334/1600



DVD Information

Three To Tango
Warner Home Video
1.85:1/Full Frame
Captions: English
Dual Layer:No
99 Minutes

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