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In Short: One of my favorite movies - beautiful image quality.

The Movie:

Although it didn't recieve it's share of great reviews during it's release, director Lawrence Kasdan's "French Kiss" remains to be one of my favorite romantic comedies - the pairing of stars Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan is certainly close to perfect. Ryan plays Kate, a woman who is engaged to Charlie(Tim Hutton in probably the most non-existent performance in recent years) finds that Charlie has found another woman in Europe. Doing the perfect "freak-out" that Ryan does so well, she decides to fly to Europe to see if she can't break up the new couple.

She has more than a little trouble flying, so luckily, she bumps into Luc(Kline), a charming small-time thief that plans to smuggle an expensive necklace through customs. Of course, the two bicker wonderfully as they sit on the plane - but a series of small mistakes has them meeting up again and again. Soon enough, they find themselves falling in love.

The performances by Ryan and Kline are wonderful (as well as a nice supporting performance by Jean Reno) and the screenplay is smart and incredibly funny at times. As good as everything else is, the scenery is also fantastic at times. "French Kiss" is a great comedy, with great chemistry between the two leads. Definitely recommended.


VIDEO: Although it's non-anamorphic, like the rest of Fox's recent work, it's certainly pleasing. With the exception of a few small flaws, I found this to be a very strong effort. Images are sharp and reveal a good amount of detail. Colors are strong and at times stunning; nicely saturated and bold. Images are bright and clear throughout, as well. Black level is strong and flesh tones are accurate and very natural. A lot of the scenes have almost a "three-dimensional" feel to them.

There's really no problems except for a few small instances of shimmering that I didn't even find terribly distracting. Other than that, this is a clear, smooth picture with strong colors and some very gorgeous scenery that looks perfect on DVD. I was really hoping that Fox would do a good job with this movie and I'm not dissapointed with their efforts here. I was really impressed with what they did with "Lake Placid" recently and I'm just as impressed with what they've done for "French Kiss". Very nice work!
SOUND: Pretty basic, and the usual for a comedy like this. Little or no use of the surrounds, and when they do come into play it's very minor. Nice, upbeat score that I love sounds clear and without problems. Dialogue is clean and clear. All in all it gets the job done nicely.

MENUS:: Nice menus with slight animation and the score playing in the background.

EXTRAS: Trailers for French Kiss, Great Expectations, One Fine Day, Picture Perfect, Ever After, Cousin Bette and Never Been Kissed .

Final Thoughts A wonderful movie and a nice, although basic DVD. Recommended.

Film Grade
The Film 93/A- = (465/500 possible points)
Stars: *** 1/2

DVD Grades
Video 96/A = (384/400 possible points)
Audio: 91/A = (364/400 possible points)
Extras: 75/C = (225/300 possible points)
Menus 80/B- = (170/200 possible points)
Value: 86/B = (244/300 possible points)

TOTAL POINTS:1852/2100

DVD Information

French Kiss
Fox Home Video
5.1/English 2.0/French 2.0
Dual Layer:Yes
Subtitles: English Captions/Spanish Subtitles
111 Minutes

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