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The Movie:

"The Tigger Movie" did do fairly well in a theatrical release early in 2000, but the small-scale story feels more suited at times to a straight-to-video release. In fact, much of it seems like simply an extended version of the Saturday morning cartoon.

In "The Tigger Movie", we are re-introduced to the "Winnie The Poo" gang, but only this time, the star is not Poo, but Tigger and his quest to find someone like himself. The only problem with that is that Tigger is my least favorite of the "Winnie The Poo" characters. I appreciate that kids probably enjoy his high energy, but there were points during this film where I was rather thankful that the running time is only a short 77 minutes flat.

Before I go any further though, obviously I'm not part of the target audience for the film. Parents who are looking for a film that tells a simple story with some lessons and charming characters might find "The Tigger Movie" an enjoyable choice. In a world where kids are consistently offered "Pokemon" laser battles, the simplicity of a story like this one seems even more charming. "The Tigger Movie" certainly isn't the best animated fare in recent times, and doesn't compare to titles like "The Iron Giant". It does entertain in it's own simple, quiet way, though.


VIDEO: "The Tigger Movie" sports an excellent anamorphic transfer, letterboxed at about 1.66:1. The animation offered isn't the best that Disney has come up with, but it certainly is better than Disney's recent straight-to-video "Buzz Lightyear". Sharpness is excellent, and the picture has an impressively smooth and natural look to it. This is helped further by the lack of any sort of artifacts.

As would be expected from a movie that had a theatrical release only a few months ago, there are no print flaws - not even minor speckles. Pixelation and shimmering are also missing from the equation, and the result is a presentation that consistently looks great.

Again, the animation certainly isn't the breathtaking work that some films have offered recently, but the colors are certainly beautiful. "The Tigger Movie" mainly works in a fall color palette, with warm browns and golden yellows. Colors are nicely saturated and look solid, with no flaws. This is a very nice job from Disney and hopefully they will continue with this level of quality with their future animated work.

SOUND: Not as impressive is the film's Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack. In terms of quality, the soundtrack is very enjoyable, offering a smooth, rich score and clear, crisp dialogue. It's just that it's not very creatively put to use. With the forest settings, there could be more ambient sounds and some additional surround use.

There is some surround use, but it remains minor and mainly offers the pleasant score. "The Tigger Movie" is mainly a dialogue-driven film, though, and the general warmth and quality of the audio (especially the score) makes for a particularly enjoyable presentation anyway.

MENUS:: It's really unfortunate that Disney doesn't offer animated menus for their animated titles. It would make sense, wouldn't it?.

EXTRAS: As usual, Disney's animated titles provide a helping of minor extra features. "The Tigger Movie" has a storybook, a game, "how to make your own family tree", Kenny Loggins music video, a "sing along" song, the theatrical trailer(full frame/2.0) and the package hilariously lists "full color artwork on disc" as an extra. And yes, there are forced trailers before the film starts.

Final Thoughts: No classic, but younger kids may find "The Tigger Movie" entertaining. Disney suprises though, with extremely good image quality and fine audio quality, as well..

Film Grade
The Film B-
DVD Grades
Video 94/A = (376/400 possible points)
Audio: 86/B = (344/400 possible points)
Extras: 76/C = (228/300 possible points)
Menus: 70/C- = (140/200 possible points)
Value: 80/B- = (240/300 possible points)

TOTAL POINTS:1328/1600



DVD Information

Tigger Movie
Dual Layer:Yes
77 minutes

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