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The Movie:

Although I doubt that many were asking for it (which the $2.8m gross confirms), the original filmmakers of "The Blue Lagoon" were behind this 1991 sequel, which generally goes over much of the same territory as the original. As the film opens, text notes that the original couple from the first film eventually had a child and set sail off their island paradise. Well, things didn't go terribly well - both don't make it and their child is the only one left.

Adopted by a passing ship, a woman onboard (Lisa Pelikan) takes care of the child. Unfortunately, her own child and her adopted child develop the plague and are forced to set sail in search of rescue. The children and their mother set sail in a little boat and - of course - wash up on the very same island the two from the original film were on (as Homer Simpson might say, "D'oh!").

The years pass and although the older woman doesn't make it, the children (Milla Jovovich and Brian Krause as the older versions) are taught enough about life by her in their early years that they are able to live on their own. Eventually, the two teens fall in love and find themselves free to continue their romance on their island paradise. After a long and often rather dull first hour, a British ship arrives that brings a new romantic interest for the guy and a danger for Jovovich's character. There's also some natives who play their drums a lot (free concert!) and then retreat back to their side of the island, but do little else. Krause's character chases after a shark a few times - it's especially hilarious when it's obvious that he's chasing a shark that's badly animatronic in one shot and stock footage the next.

The same elements of the original are apparent once again here. The melodrama is remarkably sappy, the dialogue is super-cheesy and the locations are pretty stunning. The acting isn't great, although to the actor's credit, listen to the kind of dialogue they're working with. Also, Jovovich ("Fifth Element") looks better with long hair. That was one of the many thoughts I had during this film, which also included "when is this over?" and "what should I have for dinner?". Overall, a harmless, but totally unnecessary and often silly remake.


VIDEO: Disapointingly, Columbia/Tristar only presents this film in 1.33:1 pan & scan. The presentation offers decent picture quality, but considering the locations and pleasant cinematography, I have little doubt that a proper transfer of this film could have probably looked better. The opening credits look just short of terrible, with dirt and artifacts highly noticable. While it improves after that, there are still some noticable concerns apparent.

Sharpness and detail are excellent at times and just fair at others, as while the bright outdoor scenes offer fine detail, there are some dimly-lit moments that look a bit murky and grainy. The unwelcome presence of edge enhancement also occurs in several scenes, although it's never too bothersome. Artifacts are noticable a few scenes, too. The print is in respectable condition, with some scenes showing marks, specks and dirt, while others appear clean. A couple of scenes appear to be stock footage.

Colors are bright and vivid, looking well-saturated throughout. Black level was also solid. Overall, aside from the unfortunate fact that the film wasn't given an anamorphic widescreen presentation, it's just a very inconsistent effort. There are scenes that look beautiful and others where flaws make the picture quality suffer noticably.

SOUND: The 2.0 soundtrack is okay. There's a decent amount of background ambience during some scenes on the island and none in other scenes, which seemed a bit odd. Dialogue came through with decent clarity.

EXTRAS: Trailers for "Return to the Blue Lagoon" and uh, "Mr. Deeds". How did a trailer for an Adam Sandler movie get onto this DVD?

Final Thoughts: Aside from the presence of Jovovich, there's nothing to recommend about this unnecessary remake. Columbia/Tristar's DVD edition offers a pretty minimal effort, too: a pan & scan presentation, 2.0 audio and little in the way of supplements (a Jovovich commentary, which would probably include the sentence, "what was I thinking?", would have been nice, too.) Not recommended unless you're already a fan of the picture.

Film Grade
The Film * 1/2
DVD Grades
Video 80/B-
Audio: 83/B
Extras: 70/C-

DVD Information

Return to the Blue Lagoon
Columbia/Tristar Home Video
Dolby 2.0
Subtitles: English
Dual Layer:No
101 minutes
Available At Amazon.com: Return to the Blue Lagoon, The Blue Lagoon