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The Movie:

Another timeless hit for creator Sherwood Schwartz (see also "Gillian's Island"), "The Brady Bunch" took the TV landscape by storm when it hit screens in 1969, and still remains a popular show in syndication today. There were also two feature film remakes, which were met with moderate success when they were released in the 90's.

The second season of the series doesn't have as many famed episodes as the first, but it still does have its share of gems, such as: "The Not-So-Ugly Duckling", where Marcia creates a fake boyfriend named George Glass when a boy she's interested in is more interested in Marcia, "Call Me Irresponsible", when Greg gets a messenger job for Mike and manages to lose blueprints he's supposed to deliver; "Will The Real Jan Brady Stand Up?", where Jan changes her look by putting on a Brunette wig and "The Impractical Joker", where Jan goes a little too far when she misplaces the mouse that Greg is using for his science experiment.

Incredibly, the show still holds up fairly well after all these years, as the series is often overly sweet and cutesy (as well as somewhat corny), but the acting is good and the plots are often fun and entertaining. The show often gets criticized for not being "realistic" (and, in ways, it wasn't), but at least the characters in the family were developed characters and not "types".

Episode Guide:
(episodes are presented on this set in order of air date.)

#26 Going, Going, Steady
- Carol thinks Marcia is too young to go steady when Marcia gets a crush on an entimologist and pretends to like bugs.
#27 The Dropout
- Mike and Carol have a problem on their hands when Greg and his ego want to drop school in order to persue a sports career.
#28 The Babysitters
- With Alice away, Greg and Marcia protest that they're old enough to serve as babysitters when Mike and Carol want to have a night out.
#29 The Treasure of Sierra Avenue
- Bobby finds a wallet with $1,100, but his decision to only split the money with Greg and Peter creates family turmoil.
#30 The Un-underground Movie
- When Greg has to direct a movie about the Pilgrims, the other family members get in the way with their ideas on how the film should look.
#31 The Slumber Caper
- Marcia's slumber party is threatened when she's accused of insulting a teacher. The boys hope she's innocent, because they have a prank planned for the party.
#32 Confessions, Confessions
- The Brady kids take the blame over a vase Peter broke so he can still join them all for a weekend camping trip.
#33 The Tattletale
- Cindy gets people in trouble when she starts blurting out the details of other people's conversations, including Alice's.
#34 Call Me Irresponsible
- Greg gets a messenger job for Mike, but manages to lose the blueprints he was supposed to deliver.
#35 The Impractical Joker
- Jan becomes the family practical joker, but then loses the mouse that Greg was supposed to use for his science project.
#36 A Fistful of Reasons
- Mike teaches Peter about schoolyard defense when he gets beaten up by a local bully for defending Cindy.
#37 What Goes Up..
- When Bobby falls out of the treehouse, he gets a fear of heights that nobody can seem to fix.
#38 Coming-Out Party
- The Bradys prepare for an outing on the boat owned by Mr. Phillips, but nothing goes right.
#39 The Not-So-Ugly Duckling
- When Jan has a crush on a boy who only has eyes for Marcia, she creates her own imaginary boyfriend, George Glass.
#40 Tell It Like It Is
- Carol submits and article to a magazine about the Bradys, which is rejected for not being "positive". She then decides to rework and resend the article.
#41 The Drummer Boy
- Bobby takes up drums after failing to get into the glee club, while Peter does et into the choir, but then has to put up with being made fun of by teammates.
#42 Where There's Smoke
- Greg gets caught smoking.
#43 Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up
- Jan decides to change things up by putting on a brunette wig.
#44 Our Son, the Man
- Greg leaves childhood behind by dressing mod, wearing shades and hitting on older girls at school.
#45 The Liberation of Marcia Brady
- After speaking out for Women's Lib on TV, Marcia then tries to enter the all-male Frontier Scouts. To retaliate, Peter joins the Sunflower Girls.
#46 Lights Out
- After watching a magician make a woman vanish, Cindy develops a fear of the dark.
#47 The Winner
- After Cindy wins a jacks tournament, Bobby is dismayed to find that he's the only Brady without a trophy.
#48 Double Parked
- Mike's firm is hired to build a courthouse on the site of a neighborhood park, but there are protests - and some of the activists are Carol and the kids.
#49 Alice's September Song
- Alice is thrilled when an old flame comes to town, trying to win her back. Mike grows suspicious, and tries to learn the motives of this new man in Alice's life.

This set offers the complete second season, presented across 4 DVDs.


VIDEO: "Brady Bunch" is presented in 1.33:1 full-frame by Paramount, and the second season presentations appear similar to the first season eps. Overall, the picture quality is very good, especially considering the age of the presentation. Sharpness and detail are not remarkable, but certainly pleasant and respectable - the picture looks consistently crisp.

There was little in the way of wear on the elements, as only some minor dirt and the occasional speckle was spotted. No edge enhancement or pixelation were seen. The show's warm color palette still looked bright and nicely saturated. Overall, the "Brady"'s looked mostly fresh and new in this effort from Paramount.

SOUND: "Brady Bunch" is presented in mono for these episodes. The audio quality was great, as dialogue and music sounded crisp and clear, with no hiss or distortion.

EXTRAS: Unfortunately, this second season set offers no supplemental features.

Final Thoughts: While it doesn't quite hit the high notes of the very amusing first season, this second "Bunch" of episodes still certainly offers quite a few highlights. Paramount's DVD set lacks supplements, but still boasts fine audio/video quality. Recommended.

DVD Information

Brady Bunch: Season 1
Paramount Home Entertainment
Subtitles: English
Dual Layer:Yes
Available At Amazon.com: Brady Bunch: Season 1 DVD Set, Brady Bunch: Season 2 DVD Set, Brady Bunch: Season 3 DVD Set, Gilligan's Island: Season 2 DVD Set

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