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The Movie:

Another edition of the classic series about the Boston bar where "Everybody knows your name", "Cheers" opened its sixth season having lost the character of Diane who, according to Woody, is in Hollywood, "currently writing for T.V." In the opening episode of the 6th season, "Home is the Sailor", we find that Sam has sold his bar off, and his "retirement" didn't go according to plan. Now, looking for work once again, he returns to "Cheers" to find it run by Rebecca Howe (Kristie Alley), who doesn't take any of Sam's charms.

The 7th season of the series continued Rebecca's authority over Sam, getting her into trouble in the early two-parter, "Executive Sweet" and "One Happy Chappy in a Snappy Serape", which has Rebecca gaining the eye of her much younger boss and faking a relationship with Sam in order to try and stay out of her boss's way. Her boss sends Sam away as a temp to a bar in the tropics, which is more than enough to happily skip out on Rebecca.

Other highlights include: "Norm, Is That You?", which has Norm becoming an interior decorator; "Jumping Jerks", where the group takes up sky diving; "Bar Wars II: The Woodman Strikes Back", where Cheers once again takes on a cross-town rival in a bar contest; "Adventures in Housesitting", where Rebecca runs into trouble when housesitting for an exec, and calls on Sam for help; "I Kid You Not", where Frasier and Lilith practice parenting and "How to Recede in Business", the season opener, where Sam is made the new manager of Cheers.

147: How to Recede in Business 10/27/1988
148: Swear to God 11/3/1988
149: Executive Sweet (1) 11/10/1988
150: One Happy Chappy in a Sappy Serape (2) 11/17/1988
151: Those Lips, Those Ice 11/24/1988
152: Norm, is That You? 12/8/1988
153: How to Win Friends and Electrocute People 12/15/1988
154: Jumping Jerks 12/22/1988
155: Send in the Crane 1/5/1989
156: Bar Wars II: The Woodman Strikes Back
157: Adventures in Housesitting 1/19/1989
158: Please Mr. Postman 2/2/1989
159: Golden Boyd 2/9/1989
160: I Kid You Not 2/16/1989
161: Don't Paint Your Chickens 2/23/1989
162: The Cranemakers 3/2/1989
163: Hot Rocks 3/16/1989
164: What's Up, Doc? 3/30/1989
165: The Gift of the Woody 4/6/1989
166: Call Me Irresponsible 4/13/1989
167: Sisterly Love 4/27/1989
168: The Visiting Lecher 5/4/1989


VIDEO: "Cheers" is presented here in 1.33:1 full-frame, the show's original aspect ratio. The picture quality is really pretty good, considering the age of the series. Those who are familiar with the image quality of the prior sets will find pretty much the same here, although slightly better: sharpness and detail are consistently acceptable, if never remarkable. Rarely, a speck of dirt or some slight wear appears. Edge enhancement was not an issue, but some minor shimmering did occasionally occur. Colors looked bright and nice, with fine saturation and no concerns.

SOUND: The show's 2.0 soundtrack provides crisp, clean audio, with well-recorded dialogue and clear music. Again, nothing about this audio rises above what one would expect from an 80's sitcom, but audio quality is satisfying.

EXTRAS: Nothing.

Final Thoughts: The seventh season of "Cheers" sees the show continuing on a strong roll, with a series of great episodes and fine performances. The DVD set doesn't offer any supplements, but audio/video quality is fine. Recommended.

DVD Information

Cheers: Season 7
Paramount Home Entertainment
4-DVD Set
Dolby 2.0
8hr/52 Minutes
Subtitles: English
Dual Layer:Yes
Available At Amazon.com: Cheers: Season 7
, Cheers: Season 6
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