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The Movie:

"Garfield: Tale of Two Kitties" is the follow-up to the original "Garfield", which I still haven't seen. With the success of the first film in theaters and on DVD, a sequel was inevitable. The second film rejoins the CGI Garfield (voiced by Bill Murray), a fat, lazy, lasagna-loving cat who's spoiled by human owner Jon (Breckin Meyer).

This time around, Jon is planning to propose to girlfriend Liz (Jennifer Love Hewitt), but she's planning to head off to the U.K. for a confrence. Deciding he's not going to wait, Jon hops on a plane to try and go after her. Little does he know that Garfield and pooch Odie are along for the ride.

Meanwhile, a spoiled rich cat named Prince (voiced by Tim Curry), who looks a lot like Garfield, has just been left his owner's estate. The owner's nephew (Billy Connolly) is none too pleased, but if he can get rid of Prince, the estate is his. Needless to say, he doesn't succeed, and the two cats get mixed up. Crazy hijinks ensue.

This sequel certainly doesn't offer much substance and some of the comedy is unintentionally amusing, but there are still some elements of interest, such as the fact that the feature offers a completely CGI Garfield, a set of real farm animals that have their mouths moving via CGI and one animal that's just an animal (Odie.) Not sure as to why this choice was made, but it's oddly fascinating. CGI Garfield looks a little too cartoonish, but it works for the kinds of gags that the picture throws out.

It also helps having Murray on-board as the voice; while the jokes fall flat at times and this isn't Murray's finest hour, the actor at least tries to give the jokes (unfortunately, including some rather tired bathroom humor) some spark. Bob Hoskins, Jane Horrocks and Vinnie Jones also provide some good performances in minor supporting roles. Meyer and Hewitt are an afterthought, as the majority of the quick flick is focused squarely on Garfield's adventures.

Overall, "Tale of Two Kitties" is a forgettable comedy/adventure for the younger crowd. Those who enjoyed the first film will want to try this out as a rental.


VIDEO: "Garfield: Tale of Two Kitties" is presented by Fox in both 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen and 1.33:1 full-frame. The widescreen presentation is an extended edition of the film, adding approximately 8 minutes to the film. The anamorphic widescreen presentation looked first-rate, with sharpness and detail appearing consistently solid throughout the show.

While some slight edge enhancement and a couple of traces of artifacting were spotted in a couple of scenes, the majority of the movie looked crisp, fresh and clear. No print flaws or shimmering were noticed. The film's vibrant color palette also looked first-rate, with nice saturation and no smearing or other issues.

SOUND: The film's Dolby Digital 5.1 presentation is strictly ordinary, with very little (if any) surround use. Nearly all of the audio is spread across the front speakers. Dialogue, effects and music remain crisp and clear.

EXTRAS: "Drawing With Jim Davis" featurette, music video, exclusive "Garfield" comic and 2 interactive games.

Final Thoughts: Overall, "Tale of Two Kitties" is a forgettable comedy/adventure for the younger crowd. Those who enjoyed the first film will want to try this out as a rental.

Film Grade
The Film C
DVD Grades
Video 91/A
Audio: 84/B
Extras: 70/C

DVD Information

Garfield: Tale of Two Kitties
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Dolby Digital 5.1
78/86 minutes
Subtitles: English
Rated G
Dual Layer:Yes
Available At Amazon.com: Garfield: Tale of Two Kitties DVD,Garfield DVD