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The Movie:

Done after "Parent Trap", but before "Freaky Friday" and her current blond twig state, "Get a Clue" stars Lindsay Lohan as Lexy Gold, an upper-class New Yorker who goes to the privileged Millington private school. She has an interest in journalism and remains a know-it-all about fashion, communicating via webcam with her friends about what they're going to wear that day.

Early in the picture, Lexy gets a story about her teacher (Ian Gomez) published in the city's Daily Examiner. However, the next day the teacher's car is found floating in the East River and the teacher is nowhere to be found. The police question Lexy, but she doesn't have any idea what happened and wants to help find what happened to him.

So, Lexy enlists the aid of Jennifer (Brenda Song), Gabe (Ali Mukaddam) and and Jack Downey (Bug Hall) in order to help track down her missing instructor. The main suspect is Miss Dawson (Amanda Plummer), who apparently had feelings for Mr. Walker (Gomez). Once the group actually sets out in Manhattan in order to try and crack the case, it's surprising that the movie doesn't pick up more than it does.

The characters are largely one-dimensional, as Lexy and her friends mostly spout "hip" phrases and aren't very engaging. The screenplay doesn't provide much in the way of comedy, as the picture proceeds along fairly uneventfully. There's no real "twists" or surprises here, and the whole enterprise is directed with about as much energy and visual style as your average sitcom.

The performances were average at best, especially Lohan, which is surprising after her excellent effort in "The Parent Trap". Song is really present to not do much more than talk about outfits, while adults Gomez and Plummer hardly get any screen time. Overall, this was a mediocre Disney Channel effort, and not something Lohan will likely want remembered.


VIDEO: "Get a Clue" is presented in 1.33:1 full-frame by Disney, despite the fact that the alternate ending's presentation suggests that the movie was originally shot in approximately 1.78: widescreen. Picture quality was fine, with decent (although slightly inconsistent) sharpness and detail, as well as only a couple of traces of shimmer and pixelation. Colors were bright and vivid, but slightly smeary on a couple of occasions.

SOUND: "Get a Clue" is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1. The surrounds kick in slightly for some reinforcement of the music, but the sound design is otherwise pretty bare-bones, with dialogue remaining the focus. Audio quality was fine, with clear dialogue and crisp music. As one would expect, there's really nothing in the way of low bass.

EXTRAS: An alternate ending is included that runs over 20 minutes. The ending is pretty similar, but there's a different villian.

Final Thoughts: An uninspired little detective caper, this might make for an okay rental for kids, but it's otherwise pretty uninvolving. The DVD edition provides satisfactory audio and video, along with a couple of supplements.

Film Grade
The Film C-
DVD Grades
Video 83/B
Audio: 85/B
Extras: 70/C-

DVD Information

Get a Clue
Disney Home Video
Dolby Digital 5.1
Captions: English
Dual Layer:Yes
83 minutes
Available At Amazon.com: Get a Clue DVD, Cadet Kelly DVD