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The Movie:

One of the most entertaining shows on television (in my humble opinion), "The Jeff Corwin Experience" has been one of cable network Animal Planet's great successes. Often compared to "Crocodile Hunter" (and fellow Animal Planet star) Steve Irwin, Corwin's show is similar in the way that he ventures around the world to search for animals and educate the audience while still having fun.

The two hosts though, are often somewhat different. Corwin is less in-your-face, but his subtle humor, ridiculously funny "conversations" with the animals he meets (witness in one of the episodes here an amusingly twisted conversation with a little black cat that's wandered out of a cave) and occasional film references often result in many moments throughout each hour-long (well, about 50 minutes) experience that are laugh-out-loud hilarious. Although the show has gotten better and better as it's gone on, even these non-recent episodes are still highly entertaining. Corwin also often has more interesting facts to communicate with his audience both about the species that he is currently focusing on, as well as their environment. Similar to Irwin, Corwin is unafraid to venture into dangerous areas and pick up equally dangerous animals to show the audience.

Sadly, "Out on a Limb" is another "best of" for the series, when I'd sincerely like to see full season sets released. Still, these three episodes still definitely do offer their share of fun moments. In these three episodes (one from the second season, two from the first), we watch as Corwin heads to Borneo, Zanzibar and Indonesia. Along the way, he runs into a group of wild elephants who don't take terribly well to his standing nearby, nearly charging him and the crew; monkeys that are orphaned when they're saved from being illegal pets, huge coconut crabs that weigh 30 pounds, hippos that play bumper cars with Corwin's boat, bats living in a cave with nearly a foot of their poop on the floor of the space, sea turtles laying eggs, snakes, tree frogs and the previously mentioned cave kitty, among other creatures.

Although not Corwin's best adventures, these episodes are still a great deal of fun, and unlike some other nature shows, Corwin's humor combined with the interesting animal encounters makes for good repeat-viewing value. However, it wuld be awfully nice if full season sets of the show were eventually released.


VIDEO: These three episodes of the JCE are presented in the show's original 1.33:1 full-frame broadcast ratio. The quality here actually seems very slightly better than the image quality of the Animal Planet broadcasts that I've seen on digital cable. Sharpness and detail are first-rate, making for a crisp, clean picture that offers very pleasing fine detail. Edge enhancement and pixelation aren't seen, but a little bit of shimmering is present here and there. Colors are rich, well-saturated and vivid.

SOUND: The stereo soundtrack is quite nice, with good ambience and clear dialogue.

EXTRAS: We get two featurettes: "I'm An Educator!" (Corwin's mother, father and college professor are interviewed; we also hear Corwin's thoughts on integrating humor into his explorations of wildlife) and "I'm Brave!" (Corwin talks about facing dangerous animals.) There's also a quiz and a Discovery Channel promo.

Final Thoughts: "The Jeff Corwin Experience" manages to not only entertain and inform about wildlife and some of the regions of our world, but it also offers Corwin himself, who continues to be one of the most sharply funny characters on television today. Although I'm still disappointed that no full season sets are available, this three episode collection is still recommended.

DVD Information

Jeff Corwin Experience: Out on a Limb
Columbia/Tristar Home Entertainment
Dolby 2.0
130 Minutes
Subtitles: English
Dual Layer:Yes
Available At Amazon.com: Jeff Corwin: Out on a Limb DVD, Jeff Corwin: Living on the Edge (Hardcover Book)

Jessica Simpson

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