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Lethal Weapon 4:Premiere Series
Warner Home Video
2.35:1/DD 5.1 and French DD 5.1/16x9 Enhanced

Orginal Film Review From July 10, 1998:
The gang is back, and actually, this fourth installment in the series starts off rather alright. With the speed that this film was rushed through production, although it's not great, it's fairly incredible that it turned out as good as it did. We're treated to the usual explosions as Gibson and Glover chase down a band of Chinese Mafia.Even a big opening scene that has nothing to do with anything, from what I could tell. Technically, the film is quite good, with excellent cinematography and a return to form by director Richard Donner, who didn't do so well with Gibson in last year's "Conspiracy Theory". An interesting feeling I had while watching this film is that it doesn't really have a 90's feel to it. It feels like an action movie from the 80's.
Gibson and Glover are quite good here again, and it's unfortunate that newcomer Chris Rock doesn't do nearly as well. Rock isn't given much of a character to work with, although maybe it's simply the fact that Rock isn't terribly vocal here, trying to be somewhat serious and it doesn't really work that well. He does have a few scenes that are quite funny, though. Hong Kong star Jet Li has the moves of Jackie Chan, but none of the charm or wit here. Maybe it's simply Jet Li's character doesn't get to say much, just to beat up Mel Gibson. Rene Russo is back, unfortunately all she's called upon to do is be pregnant(not like that's not a lot, but I mean, this is a movie.) Thankfully though, Joe Pesci is back, stumbling around, trying to help the pair.
But what starts off as an above average actioner slowly gets tired and repetitive. What passes for humor in this film begins to become, "How many times can I say the "F" word?"
The stunts, although most are good(especially a standoff towards the middle of the film), are too few to really pull the film together. Although the first half of the film is successful, the second half begins to feel all too familar. We've been here, done that not only here but with the "Die Hard" series.
Well, one thing was nice, well,except for the annoying use of the "F" word as wit, there is actually a few patches of pretty good dialogue in "Lethal Weapon 4" and some moments that are very funny. Unfortunately, I was left still feeling, "was that really neccessary?" Not much to say, although there are some good action sequences, this installment is hopefully the last.

The Disc:
Picture:Of outstanding quality. The glow of flame reflected in all of the objects in the opening scene, for example, is rendered perfectly. Images are sharp, detail is outstanding, contrast is wonderful. There are no artifacts to speak of in this 16x9 enhanced disc, which has perfectly saturated colors.

Audio:The soundtrack is just as explosive as the film's action scenes. Explosions have great impact and dialogue is recorded well. A crisp, clear and wonderfully forceful sonic mix.

Extras:A 30 Minute documentary called "Pure Lethal" that feels a little bit like something from a press kit, which is hosted by Danny Glover. "Lethal" is a 30 minute documentary on some of the outtakes and cut scenes from the history of the lethal weapon series. Also included are cut/extended scenes from each of the first three movies as well as "B-Reel" footage from the 4th installment. As with most Warner titles, there's a commentary track. On this disc, we hear from:director Dick Donner, producer Mills Goodloe, and associate producer Jeoff Johns in a very entertaining commentary.

Menus:Nice, functional menus with some animation.

Overall: Excellently made disc, the movie is a basically entertaining "old-style"(read:80's) action film.

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