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Primary Colors
Universal Home Video
2.35:1/Dolby Digital 5.1/Dual Layer
Also:French 5.1 Surround
Running Time:2HR 24MIN

The Film:
Although it came out at a bad time, when the nation didn't want to hear another story about the president, this John Travolta film garnered good reviews, but poor box office. It's not as sharp as "Wag The Dog", but it still entertains.

John Travolta stars as Jack Stanton(read:Bill Clinton), a presidential hopeful who has to deal with sex scandals as well as the relative inexperience of the staff around him. Travolta does almost a 100% dead-on impersonation of Clinton, right down to the speech and physical mannerisms. He just misses the air of constant strategy going on that Clinton seems to have, the smarts and constant updated strategy.No matter, though. It's still a good performance. Emma Thompson is excellent as Susan Stanton(read:Hillary Clinton), a woman who knows that her husband is doing things behind her back, but still stands by her husband through thick and thin. Also great is newcomer Adrian Lester as the main character, a young presidential aide.

The comedy is a little more broad than "Wag The Dog", but "Primary Colors" does still offer some touching, hilarious and dramatic moments. Although I did not like director Mike Nichol's "The Birdcage", I liked the dialogue in "Primary Colors" and I think the team of Nichols and writer Elaine May did a very good job adapting the novel. Performances are great, especially Travolta, Thompson and Kathy Bates.

The Disc:
Picture:Universal has done an outstanding job on the picture quality on this disc. Letterboxed at 2.35:1 and anamorphically enhanced, colors are fully saturated and look stunning and crisp. Contrast is great, and there are no instances of compression artifacts. Images are detailed and vibrant, especially an image of a doughnut shop where the neon from the shop's lights is perfectly done.

Audio: Excellent soundtrack; dialogue is crisp and clear, and in this film, that's pretty much of utmost importance. There are a few great old songs that sound wonderful, but, for the most part, this is a dialogue driven picture and it's not going to put your sound system through much of a workout. A well produced sound mix.


Menus:Nicely done, but not animated.


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