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Radiohead: Meeting People Is Easy
Capitol Records
Full Frame/Dolby Digital 5.1+2.0/DTS 5.1/
95 Minutes
Dual Layer:Yes.

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The Movie:

A rather trippy, arty documentary following the life of the rock band Radiohead on the days following the release of the band's album, "OK Computer". The film follows the band through meetings with fans, interviews and soundtracks, among other conversations and confrontations. The sort of wild visual style works and it's engaging thoughout. I'm not a big fan of the band, but I really enjoy documentaries like this and I found joining the band for their tour really interesting and entertaining. There's a lot of styles thrown into the mix here and rather than being "artsy", it's frequently visually fascinating. A really enjoyable look at not always the band's music, but the band in the bigger picture, looking at how they've dealt with success and it's a great look at the life of a band on tour. Highly recommended.

VIDEO QUALITY: It varies; it seems like this was shot with a lot of different video formats and a lot of the full-frame picture looks good. Then there are portions of the disc that look grainy and contain some visible artifacts. All in all, it's what you would expect from a documentary like this; a lot of varying styles and a lot of different film forms. Somehow, the disc's visual flaws seem to add to the overall grungy artistic flavor that the film seems to be shooting for. It's certainly not as sharp as I'd like to have seen, but it's certainly never to the point where it's unwatchable, though and most of it is quite enjoyably presented in terms of image quality. To make a long story short, I didn't expect the kind of razor sharp picture that most big budget movies contain here and it's not; but I think DVD is the best presentation that this material will see and fans of the band will certainly be pleased.

SOUND: Really enjoyable sound mix, clear and crisp, especially during the concert sequences, which are enjoyably enveloping with the sounds of the crowd easily heard, sometimes singing along. This is my first "concert" disc and I really enjoyed it, suprised at how nicely DVD can re-make the concert experience. It's definitely not all a concert, though. The majority of this disc follows the band through various meetings, soundchecks and events that go on after their release of "OK Computer". When the music is presented, it sounds wonderful, never distorted or problematic; always rich and crystal clear. There are a lot of instances though, where it's basically conversations; some of the basic conversations are slightly hard to hear at times. Overall, fans will be really pleased with how strongly this disc showcases the band's music and I was pleased as well; I'm not a fan of the band, but I certainly enjoyed sampling their music on this disc.

MENUS: Not much of a menu, pretty much based on the cover art.

EXTRAS:Nothing. I don't know if there were any scenes or anything deleted; probably not, but it would have been nice to see a music video or two included.

Overall: I really liked the film and the price($19.99 retail) certainly makes up for the disc's faults(no chapters!, a really weak case- it's like the snapper cases Warner uses, but it doesn't "lock"). Great sound and certainly acceptable image quality, though. I wasn't a real big fan before I watched this film, but I really enjoyed the bands music on this disc. Definitely worth picking up if you're a fan of the band- and I know there are certainly a lot of you out there. It's a great film and an enjoyable presentation in terms of image/sound quality, but I wish that Capitol Records will learn from their mistakes on this disc(chapters and a better case next time!), but in terms of the quality of the actual program itself, I was very pleased.