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Six Days, Seven Nights
Disney/Caravan Home Video
2.35:1/Dolby Digital 5.1

My Original Review:
Six Days, Seven Nights

A movie that I actually liked less than "Godzilla." Suprisingly, this Harrison Ford vehicle is nothing less than a failure. Anne Heche, a New York fashion mag editor goes on vacation with her husband to a tropical island. All's fine, all's peaceful. Suddenly, Heche's editor gets an "emergency" call that would have her flying to one of the other islands for a sudden fashion shoot. What to do? She hires the slob jet pilot who brought her out there, played lifelessly by Harrison Ford, to take her to the other island.

So they take off, in a disgustingly phony CGI(Computer Enhanced) thunderstorm. Not the best idea to take off in the storm, maybe. Ford says something about how the storm came up fast, but you could see it in the distance as they were taking off.
So, of course they crash after being hit by a bolt of lighting halfway to the other island. Also, it seems like they have crashed into the island of dull, right off the coast of boredom. Ford, looking not only bored, but like he wants to be anywhere but here, grunts and walks around the island, with Heche twittering annoyingly behind him, trading wisecracks, and of course, falling in love with each other.
So off they walk, on beautiful islands with skies overhead that are perfectly, exactly, blue. The kind of blue you can only manufacture with today's FX. Back to the story, they walk around the island, bickering....and bickering....and bickering. Ford seems entirely someplace else, until he smiles out of nowhere, a goofy grin just to let you know his mind isn't light years away...and then he goes back to looking bored or firing off droll comment after droll comment at Heche.

Not much will be said about the plot in this review, because there isn't too much of one. Ford and Heche tinker around the island, trying to think of a way to get off of the island, and I for one couldn't care either way. give them something to do, a bunch of pirate cartoons come into the plot, acting ominous and threatening, and there's never a moment of any excitement or menace. To be honest though, I was unhappy when the pirates were out of the picture for a while, because at least there was SOMETHING, ANYTHING happening when they were part of the story.

Meanwhile, Heche's husband is back on the beach with the Ford character's girlfriend, having an affair about a few hours after he asks Heche to marry him. Schwimmer, obnoxious and dreadfully boring, gives one of the very worst performances of our time. He's not funny, he's not interesting, and I wished the pirates would find him and run him over with their pirate ship....or something. Schwimmer is simply painful to watch in this movie.

There's little or no plot here, and it's just great scenery and absolutely great looking computer aided sky everywhere. It's a travelogue of the tropics. Heche is annoying and Ford is boring. I wanted off this island anyway I could. "Six Days, Seven Nights" is an adventure in pure boredom.

My review after watching it at home: “Six Days, Seven Nights” proved to be a little bit more enjoyable months later on the small screen. Ford still seems to be sleeping through his role in the film, but I found Heche’s character to be more enjoyable and less of a whiner. Schwimmer is still horrible, but the dialogue overall plays better on video. The plot, however, is still a mix of every romantic comedy cliche there is.
Overall review of the film:**

The Disc:
Picture:Disney has done an outstanding job with this transfer; the colors of the tropics are warm and electric; contrast is rich and images are sharp and detailed.There is a hint of shimmering here and there, but it is hardly noticeable. Compression artifacts aren't anywhere to be found. It's an absolutely fantastic transfer; if it was 16x9 enhanced, it would look perfect.

Audio:A very clean audio track that brings out the dialogue very well. It's interesting to hear many different discs and hear the differences between an audio track that has muted dialogue and another disc where the characters sound like they're in the same room. "Six Days", along with another recent Disney release("Good Will Hunting:CE") both are examples of this well recorded dialogue. The island music also sounds excellent and full of bass on the audio track as well. There's some great activity when the pirates show up and start shooting as well as in the thunderstorm.

Extras:The trailer.

Menus:Some simple, nice menus. Nothing special

Overall:Six Days, Seven Nights is very basic entertainment and although I didn't enjoy the film still, I recommend it as a rental.
English and French Dolby Digital 5.1 / Region:1
Overall Disc Grade:B

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