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Tomorrow Never Dies:Special Edition
MGM/UA Home Video
2.35:1/16x9/Dolby Digital 5.1

Pierce Brosnan's second film as James Bond suffers from a bit of the sophmore jinx. It's not a horrid film by any means, and like any Bond film, it's at least watchable, but the action and script here isn't nearly as good as "Goldeneye", Brosnan's first film. It doesn't have the great action centerpiece(the Tank sequence in "Goldeneye") or a great script. Teri Hatcher isn't great as a Bond girl, and Jonathan Pryce I didn't find terribly impressive as a Bond villian without any great one liners.

Where the film does succeed is the underused performance of Hong Kong star Michelle Yeoh as the agent who goes along for the ride with Bond for this film, about Bond versus an insane media mogul bent on destroying the world for ratings. It just doesn't work as the film becomes a series of connecting great action scenes with some very slow points in between. There's a great motorcycle vs. helicopter chase, and a few good gunflights, but overall, the movie doesn't even have a satisfying conclusion.
The whole film has an air of routineness about it. It doesn't have the energy of even "Goldeneye" as even Brosnan looks somewhat tired in the film. No cool gadgets(the new car isn't on screen long enough), no good villian(even 006 was better in "Goldeneye") and no good Bond girls.

It's too bad that Yeoh doesn't have more of a role, since she's more interesting and exciting here than Brosnan's Bond is.

The Disc:
Picture: Clear, crisp and wonderful, this 16x9 enhanced disc has perfectly rendered images that are detailed and rich in colors. Contrast in wonderful as is color saturation. Solid black level in the picture and no instances of compression artifacts in the picture. The 16x9 disc is RSDL as well.

Audio: It's time to wake the neighbors. This disc is a sonic boom, enveloping the viewer directly in the action as gunfire and explosions are felt with a mighty impact. The sound is a roar, the clarity of the dialogue is wonderful. The Bond-ian score sounds excellent on this disc. Outstanding sound performance overall.

Two Commentary Tracks:
1. Roger Spottiswoode and Dan Petrie, Jr.
2. Vic Armstrong and Producer Michael G. Wilson

Isolated Music Score

45 Minute "Secrets Of 007"

Sheryl Crow Music Video

The Ultra-Cool storyboard-to-screen presentation. When the 007 logo is at the bottom of the screen, go to the 2nd angle to find the storyboard for the scene in the lower left hand corner of the film. There's quite a few scenes where this is available and it's super cool.

Interview with the composer

Teaser and Full Trailers

Awesome interactive menus full of gadgets and a female voice that leads you around the features.

12 Page Booklet.

Menus: As I said, definitely the coolest menu out there.


A Must Have Disc!
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