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In December of 1999, I was on Christmas vacation and looking for discs to review. Somehow, I decided uponTime Out With Britney Spears. I’m not a fan of her music, but it looked like it would be a rather interesting disc to take a look at, with documentaries, music videos and more. I was really quite pleased with the presentation once I reviewed it – very good sound on the music videos and some looks at the making of her music videos that I found interesting. I did question how many would be interested in a review, though. The review was posted at the end of December and within a day, had broken into the top 10 most popular reviews on the site. By the end of December, it had reached the number two spot, beating out such reviews as “American Pie” in traffic. The review then opened January in the number one spot, beating out previous number one “Deep Blue Sea”, and has stayed in the number one position since. Due to the suprising popularity of that review, I decided to take a look at music DVD releases more often, as well as this documentary about Britney Spears. I may not be a fan, but if my audience responds to a review with that much traffic, I figure it’s my job to take a look at more releases about the artist.

Unfortunately for fans of the singer, this is a poor at best documentary. If anything, its almost hilarious in how amateurish that it is. We see shaky, handheld footage of a Spears appearance that looks like it was shot with a camera someone snuck in, interviews with people who look completely disinterested, and various interviews with people who live in the same small town as Britney. We hear from Britney’s aunt and the hair stylist who grew up next door to her, as well as Britney’s first cousin. It’s like something you’d see on “Saturday Night Live”, almost a parody of documentaries. Since its not an authorized documentary, there’s no music or interviews with Spears herself. The music that plays out over these interviews is wonderfully cheesy, and the amount of people that they brought together for this silly documentary had me laughing out loud. They even have interviews with her dentist, with footage of the dentist brushing her teeth with a giant toy toothbrush.

“Star Baby Scrapbook” is awful as a documentary, but so unintentionally hilarious in its awfulness that I was almost entertained. The quality is nothing more than what would be expected from something like this; the picture is generally clear, and the sound is extremely basic – sometimes scratchy.

So bad and yet…so funny.

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