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BMG Music first impressed me with the DVD release ofTime Out With Britney Spears, a feature-packed DVD of what I considered to be high quality. “Genie Gets Her Wish” is about the same presentation – the biggest piece is a lengthy documentary about the history of the singer, and also includes such extras as music videos and a photo gallery. While this release improves upon parts of the formula, it also lacks in areas where I found the Spears DVD impressive.

The documentary itself is less of the “interview-based” format that the Spears DVD had. Although there are a few short interview questions, the majority of the 84 minute documentary takes a look at Aguilera in concert, on the road and in recording sessions. It’s nicely done, and manages to be polished and not slick at the same time, mixing home video-like footage of Aguilera having fun and mixing it up with glossy footage of her recording her album. At times there’s a bit too much cutting and editing together various clips, but when it stops for a moment, it becomes moderately entertaining. See Aguilera go through a rehersal, see Aguilera hang out with fans before going for a flight. Aguilera herself manages to be a entertaining host to it all as well, joking to the camera at times and providing down-to-earth answers to the interview questions..

While the documentary is certainly fine sounding, it’s the differences in the sound that the two DVDs offer for the music videos that stands out. The “Time Out With Britney Spears” DVD offered electric, dynamic Dolby Digital 5.1 sound for the three videos that it offered. While the videos for “Genie In A Bottle” and “What A Girl Wants” sound enjoyable on DVD in Dolby 2.0, they lack the enveloping quality and aren’t as strong sounding as the videos from Spears’ effort had, or even the videos on the recent release of Mariah Carey: The #1’s had. The video quality throughout both the documentary and videos are both excellent – sharp, clear and with strong colors.

The basics are also very nice on this DVD, with BMG chosing to not go with the same case as they did with “Time Out With Britney Spears”, which had a case that could be best described as “the snap cases Warner uses without the snap”. Menus are also nicely animated here, with songs playing in the background. Also included is a photo gallery and some web links.

While I enjoyed the documentary more on this release, it comes up a little short in the additional features. As for Aguilera, I think she’s an artist with a bright future, and certainly carries a great voice.


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