Kindred The Embraced(SERIES)The Movie:

I hadn’t heard much about the release of this series on DVD so I thought that I’d take a look at this release from Artisan, since the series itself had become somewhat of a cult show before it was cancelled(from Fox, I believe). The series ran from April of 1996 to…well, May of 1996.

Still, it’s cool enough to merit a look. Set in San Fransisco, the show deals with groups of Vampires living among humans. The groups, called “Clans” don’t get along too well and the peace between them can break at any time. The show stars Mark Frankel(“For Roseanna”) as Julian Luna, the leader of the city’s vampire clans.

As I went through the episodes, I found myself impressed and appreciating the show’s positive merits. It’s a little slow now and again, but the acting is quite good, and the stories & characters are well-written. Although this is an Aaron Spelling-produced show, it’s definitely not “Beverly Hills 90210”.

This release is a 2 DVD set that includes the show’s 8 episodes: Pilot, Prince Of The City, Nightstalker, Romeo and Juliet, Live Hard, Die Young, and Leave a Good-Looking Corpse, The Rise and Fall of Eddie Fiori,Bad Moon Rising,Cabin in the Woods.

I hadn’t seen the series before this release, and I found it to be pretty good, definitely not something that should have been cancelled after 8 shows. I certainly know the series had a lot of fans during its short span, so those who enjoyed it will now be able to have this set.


VIDEO/AUDIO: The original Dolby Surround audio is included here, and although it’s a fairly basic presentation, it does capture the action and the subtle noises well. Clarity is excellent, the occasional musical score is crisp, and dialogue is easily understood.

The video quality is quite good. Sometimes I’ve seen presentations of television fare look not quite that smooth, but Artisan has done a fine job here. The full-frame presentation is not perfect, but it is generally very good. Images are of varying degrees of sharpness, but most look at least adequate, if not good. Detail is strong as well, even in some of the darker sequences.

There is some minor amounts of pixelation now and again, but I didn’t find this hugely distracting. Many scenes look quite good, and overall, fans will be pleased with the presentation.

MENUS:: Animated main menu; no animation on sub-menus, but episodes are easily navigated.

EXTRAS:: None, although I can understand that there probably wasn’t much space with 4 episodes on each disc.

Final Thoughts: For the fans of the show, this is definitely worth a look for the 2 DVD set at $29.99(less at most online stores). If you’re into the genre, you might want to try it out as a rental.

Program Grade:B
Audio Quality Grade:B
Image Quality Grade:B
Extras Grade:N/A

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