Time Out With Britney SpearsIn Short: I can hear it now, half my readers going “He’s lost his mind if he bought that.” Suprisingly though, it’s a really nicely produced DVD that fans of the singer will love.

The film:

Liking Britney Spears is something that you don’t admit to, or at least most don’t. My view of her is a matter of “if it’s on the radio, it’s actually kinda catchy. I’m not buying the album or anything, but the music is pretty decent.” (half my readers are now laughing at me.) Imagine my suprise when I turned on this DVD and was really very impressed with the quality of the presentation.

First thing I took a look at were the music videos. “Drive Me Crazy”, “Baby, One More Time” and “Sometimes” are all presented in full-screen and look quite good, with impressive clarity and razor sharp images without any problems. What is really nice though on the music videos, was that you’re offered the choice in terms of sound of either 2.0 or the full 5.1. 5.1, especially on “Baby, One More Time”, sounded really quite excellent. All of the songs really sound crisp, clear, rich and carry a very nice amount of bass.

When I first was looking around on this DVD, I thought it was simply a compilation of various tidbits(videos, notes, etc), but I realized that the main feature on this DVD is actually a 55 minute documentary on the history of the singer. The documentary is fairly interesting, with Spears talking about the documentary footage or various photos that are shown. Everything is split into chapters, with a look at the making of the 3 music videos; recording the album; a look at some concert footage and more. The last part is footage from Spears’s Disney Channel concert. This can also be viewed separately. Chapter selection for the documentary is also fully animated.

Onto everything else; there is a 15 minute “behind-the-scenes” look with interviews with Spears and a look at her recording in the studio. The documentary also gives a very nice look in-depth at the making of two of Spears’s music videos(“Sometimes” and “Drive Me Crazy”.). Also included are a photo gallery, biography(text) and trivia game(which I failed, I think.). During all of the videos and performances, viewers have the option of the lyrics as subtitles. The DVD also offers web links for DVD-rom users.

Even the menus are really nice, with full animation on all menus and when you’re in the music video menu, all of the videos play in the video selection menu. “Drive Me Crazy” also plays in the background of the menus. Amazingly, there’s also a really nice “help” feature that literally takes you through the entire disc. Fans of the singer will probably go nuts for this disc.

Yeah, the music is not really my kind of music or anything but I really was able to appreciate the quality of this whole package. It’s not one of those things where a few music videos are thrown together with basic menus; I think that there’s a very nice effort put into this DVD and I was really pleasantly suprised.

Beyond that, who would have thought the 300th DVD review I’ve written would be for this?


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